WEi Kim Yo-han, starring in 'The Sense'...
WEi Kim Yo-han, starring in 'The Sense'...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing ] Group Wei member and actor Kim Yo-han is considering a drama comeback.

 An official from his agency, Oui Entertainment, said, "Kim Yohan is positively considering appearing in the drama 'The Sense'."

'The Sense' is an academy occult drama about a mysterious teacher and the children of Shinyeong Catholic High School, who can see, smell, hear, and directly touch the spirit of a huge evil spirit that has awakened after 10 years. Director Lee Jeong-heum of the drama 'Goo-gyeong-i' takes the megaphone.

Kim Yo-han appeared on Mnet's 'Produce X 101' when he was a rookie trainee for three months, and took first place in the final with his warm looks and natural talent. Afterwards, he met with fans as a group WEi and took on his first acting challenge through the Kakao TV drama 'To Us Who Were Beautiful' (2020). His first terrestrial debut work is the drama 'School 2021'. With this work, they won the '2021 KBS Drama Awards' Rookie Award and Best Couple Award.

After two years, the next drama is confirmed, and I wonder what kind of activity Kim Yo-han will perform through 'The Sense'. Previously, actress Han Ye-ri drew attention by choosing 'The Sense' as her first comeback after marriage. The synergy between the two is expected.

'The Sense' is produced by Hijieum Studio and Highground. Organizing is undecided.

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