Im Siwan's first fan concert, held on February 11th
Im Siwan's first fan concert, held on February 11th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] Actor Im Siwan will hold his first fan concert on February 11 and spend a special time with ‘Swan’ (fandom name) after a long time.


On the 10th, the agency Plum A&C said, "Actor Im Siwan will have a special time with Swan (fandom name) after a long time through his first fan concert on February 11."

The news of the '2023 Im Si-wan Fan Concert Why I Am in Seoul' and the teaser poster released show Im Si-wan with pink flowers, creating a unique romantic yet dreamy atmosphere. arouses curiosity

This fan concert is a place to meet Korean fans for the first time in about 4 years since '2019 Siwan Fan Meeting ~ Close to You: Closer ~' . As this is his long-awaited meeting, Im Si-wan plans to fill the performance with upgraded performances, including the OST and various dance covers he has participated in so far.

Im Siwan, who continued active acting activities by showing various acting transformations through last year's movie 'Emergency Declaration' and drama 'Tracer' and 'I don't want to do anything', is raising expectations for what kind of special stage he will prepare for this performance.

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