'Earth Arcade' Season 2 Comeback
'Earth Arcade' Season 2 Comeback
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo] ‘Poong Poong Earth Arcade’ comeback with Season 2.

 On the 10th, an official from tvN said, "Season 2 is being produced, and the composition of members will remain the same." He added, "It's still in the planning stage, so the specific shooting time and location are yet to be decided."

'Poong Poong Earth Arcade', which ended last September, is an ambitious work by Na Young-seok PD. It is a variety entertainment program in which four warriors, who have united to catch the lunar rabbit that has escaped to Earth, cross time and space. Comedian Lee Eun-ji, singer Lee Young-ji, Oh My Girl Mimi, and IVE An Yu-jin appeared as regular members.

An official said, "(Season 2) is still in the planning stage."

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