NewJeans' 'Ditto' entered the US Billboard chart...
NewJeans' 'Ditto' entered the US Billboard chart...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim ] NewJeans made it onto the Billboard charts in the US.


According to the latest chart (as of December 31) released by Billboard, an American music media outlet, on the 28th (local time), the song 'Ditto' from New Jeans' new single album 'OMG' is ranked 17th in the global (excluding the US) and is on the Global 200. It ranked 36th and 5th in World Digital Song Sales.

NewJeans showed the power of putting 'Ditto' and 'Hype boy' on the chart at the same time, landing their debut song 'Hype boy' at 67th and 131st on the Global (excluding the US) and Global 200, respectively. In addition, New Jeans charted on the chart for 20 consecutive weeks with 'Hype boy', and was listed on the Global (excluding the US) and Global 200 for the longest period among K-pop idols that debuted this year.

In addition, their debut album 'New Jeans' ranked 21st on the 'Heat Seekers Album', a chart for albums by up-and-coming artists who do not have a record of entering the top 100 of the main album chart, the Billboard 200, or the record of entering the top 10 of six charts designated by the Billboard. New Jeans ranked 22nd in Emerging Artists for emerging musicians who are attracting attention worldwide.

Meanwhile, NewJeans, who topped the weekly charts of Melon, Bugs, and Genie (counting period from December 19 to 25) with the pre-released song 'Ditto', plans to release a single album 'OMG' on the 2nd of next month.


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