A book Jimin of BTS mentioned became a bestseller
A book Jimin of BTS mentioned became a bestseller
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] Not so surprisingly, the book Jimin of BTS mentioned in a footage a day ago is already ranked bestseller, thanks to ARMYs. On May 12, BTS uploaded a footage of BTS members having a meeting, discussing the theme and concept of the new album on the official YouTube channel.

When the members couldn’t decide whether they will record a touching ballad with metaphors or danceable, stress-relieving tracks Jimin mentioned the book, saying “in a book I read which was written by a 89 year old man, the author said that we shouldn’t think based on age.” With it, he said that he prefers danceable song like ‘So What’ over touching ballad.

The book ‘Essays After Eighty’ published by Donald Hall in 2014 trended on Twitter soon after the footage uploaded on May 11; as of 2 p.m. May 13, it is ranked at no.3 on Bestselling Poem and Essays category. The appointer of Library of Congress's Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry deals with death and life in the book in a witty manner.

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