Yoo Seon-ho released a singles pictorial after the end of ‘Under the Queen's Umbrella’
Yoo Seon-ho released a singles pictorial after the end of ‘Under the Queen's Umbrella’
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing ] Singer and actor Yoo Seon-ho's pictorial was released.

On the 28th, the lifestyle magazine 'Singles' released a visual pictorial in which Yoo Seon-ho's profound eyes stood out after the recent end of 'Under the Queen's Umbrella'. In the released pictorial, Yoo Seon-ho is wearing a uniform black costume and is covering his eyes with one hand.

In the published pictorial, Yoo Seon-ho has perfected a variety of styles, from a chic all-black look from clothes to hats to a warm knit look with a soft charm and a fashion that creates a sexy mood.

Yoo Seon-ho cut his hair that he had grown for a year after filming for ‘Under the Queen's Umbrella’. He said, "After the end of the show, I would feel empty and empty, but after parting with my long hair, I was strangely relieved and had no regrets." Yoo Seon-ho said, “Gye-seong Daegun is a character who is confused about his gender identity, and I was very worried about researching him because he is a character with delicate emotions.” After repeatedly researching Gyeseong Daegun, he said, “Before I knew the hidden story, I was very surprised to read the entire synopsis.” I personally looked for various materials, such as,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yoo Seon-ho became a trainee at Cube Entertainment and made his name known by appearing in Season 2 of Mnet's boy group survival program 'Produce 101', which aired in 2017. After the recent tvN drama 'Shloop' ended, he joined KBS 2TV's variety show '1 Night 2 Days' as a new regular member.

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