Omega X's agency reveals additional abuse "It was hard enough to die"...
Omega X's agency reveals additional abuse "It was hard enough to die"...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] The group OMEGA X further exposed the abuse of the representatives of the agency.



According to a report by SBS Entertainment News on the 11th, Omega X members said, "We can no longer be with the agency.

At that time, CEO Kang either dragged Jae-han, a member who is experiencing panic attacks, or canceled all his plane tickets to Korea. There are also eyewitness accounts that the local police were dispatched to the hotel by banging on the members' door and making a fuss.

Later, when the members asked their family in Korea for help and got on a plane to Korea, the contents of the conversation were also revealed, threatening to fire the manager and the members and risk litigation.

In addition, the members claimed that the agency's CEO's abuse was not the only time during the tour in America. During the overseas tour, some members claimed that they forced them to perform on stage even when they were suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

Due to this incident, Omega X members are said to be resting and receiving treatment at their own homes. Four of the members are said to be receiving psychiatric treatment for panic, anxiety, and insomnia.

Previously, the agency Spire Entertainment explained that the controversy had arisen due to a 'misunderstanding', but as the situation escalated, CEO Kang, who caused controversy over the abuse of the American tour, announced his voluntary resignation.

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