VICTON, 'Choice' 2nd concept photo released...
VICTON, 'Choice' 2nd concept photo released...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Group VICTON raised expectations by releasing the second concept photo ahead of their comeback.

 From the 6th to the 8th, IST Entertainment released a concept photo of the 'Free' version of the 8th mini-album 'Choice' through VICTON's official SNS channel, drawing attention from fans.

The released image captured the attention of VICTON members boasting a free and liberated atmosphere against the backdrop of fields and forests. The casual and boyish outfit further amplified the curiosity about the new album with a different charm from the first photo, which attracted attention with all the pure white uniforms.

VICTON will release their 8th mini album 'Choice' on November 15th and make a comeback after about 6 months. The 8th mini album 'Choice' is an album that contains the promise to make a 'choice' without regrets to find the true 'me' even if the future is decided. Following 'Chaos' that contains confusion, this album will mark the splendid end of VICTON's 'Time Trilogy' series in 2022.

The new song 'Virus' is an impressive song with the message of overcoming the fear of tragic love and living a life with no regrets. TAK, Baekhyun, SHINee, NCT U, etc. Even Adrian Mckinnon, who worked on the representative song of the boy group, is foreshadowing a high level of perfection with the participation of the global producers.

In addition, member Do Han-se participated in the rap making of all songs, and 'Feels good', in which all VICTON members participated in writing lyrics to commemorate the 6th anniversary of their debut, was recorded. The producers who are famous for their hit song makers, such as Jo Yoon-kyung, a lyricist with a reputation as a 'star lyricist', Danke who worked with BTS and N-Hyphen, and Andy Love, who worked on representative songs of TWICE, Tomorrow X Together, are raising expectations. .

Meanwhile, VICTON's new song 'Virus' and all songs from the 8th mini album 'Choice' will be available on various major music sites at 6 pm on the 15th.

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