Na Young-seok PD, not 'Youn's Kitchen 3', but Lee Seo-jin's 'Seojin's home'...
Na Young-seok PD, not 'Youn's Kitchen 3', but Lee Seo-jin's 'Seojin's home'...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing ] tvN announced on the 9th that it will present a spin-off variety show 'Seojin's home (working title)' of the 'Youn's Kitchen' series.


tvN's 'Seojin's home(working title)' (directed by Na Young-seok, Jang Eun-jung) is a new franchise restaurant following 'Youn's Kitchen'.

Seojin Lee's 'Seojin's home (working title)' challenges a street food called 'Korean fast food'. If the existing 'Youn's Kitchen' presented traditional Korean food such as bulgogi and bibimbap, 'Seojin's home' visits viewers with a lighter and more friendly menu.

In addition, Lee Seo-jin, who was promoted to president this time, is expected to jump into full-scale restaurant management as he graduated from New York University's business administration department. Unlike the past 'Youn's Kitchen' that provided healing and laughter in beautiful and exotic places such as Gili, Indonesia and Garachico, Spain, it is expected to create more intense fun. Attention is paid to what kind of menu and management method Lee Seo-jin, who is taking on a new challenge as a real president, will show.

Recently, a lot of information such as the filming location of ‘Seojin's home', which was called 'Youn's Kitchen 3', has become a hot topic in broadcasters. Initially, there were rumors that Mexico would be the filming location, but tvN said, "We are coordinating the filming location and time with the cast."

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