Park Seong-hoon X Kim So-eun 'Dispersers' to be released on November 23
Park Seong-hoon X Kim So-eun 'Dispersers' to be released on November 23
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Jung ] The movie 'Dispersers' starring Park Seong-hoon and Kim So-eun has been confirmed for release on the 23rd.



 'Dispersers' is a film about a man who is forced to unlock his secrets and a desperate chase. It is a crime-tracking thriller that depicts how the images taken by people inadvertently can lead to ruin in a modern society that cannot be free from cell phones.

The published main poster depicts the suspects in the case centered on the man 'Do Yu-bin' (Park Seong-hoon), who was forcibly unlocked all his secrets due to a momentary mistake. The appearance of 'Do Yu-bin' staring somewhere with a firm expression after receiving an anonymous phone call from someone raises questions about what secrets should never be revealed to him. While the suspicious eyes of his fiancee Lim Seon-ae (Kim So-eun) looking at such a ‘Do Yu-bin’ tightens the tension of the case, the serious-looking ‘Sci-Fi’ (Song Jin-woo) is indeed with ‘Do Yu-bin’. It is noteworthy whether he can get a clue to find the 'first distributor'. Da-eun Kim (Lim Na-young), who shows off her femme fatale charm with a seductive expression, adds curiosity with an expression as if she knows the secret of the case, and is full of passion to pursue the truth of the case, 'Lee Sang-hee' (Park Joo-hee). Attention is focused on whether she will be able to resonate with the incident.

Meanwhile, 'Dispersers' will be released on November 23rd.

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