Yoona, a winter pictorial full of atmosphere
Yoona, a winter pictorial full of atmosphere
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] The female character brand 'JIGOTT' developed by Baba Fashion (President In-Sik Moon) has unveiled various winter season stylings with Yoona Lim.



After finishing her Girls' Generation activities, Yoona showed off a winter fashion that showed off her neatness. She revealed a variety of winter season styling in a pictorial with female character brand JIGOTT. Following the last fall season, Jigot captured the new collection of JIGOTT's dramatic and elegant Jigot with the theme of 'Winter Garden Fantasy' in a dreamy and mysterious garden as the background.

This winter season, JIGOTT is based on classic black and deep navy colors and accented with deep purple, coral blue and pink colors. We propose a variety of key looks for the season, such as long silhouette coats and knit setups. The cashmere blend long coat is attractive with a slim fitting line and hidden closing. In the pictorial, Yoona Lim created an atmosphere full of elegance by matching it with a deep purple knit pleated dress.

The cardigan and skirt set-up finished in a coral blue color with a tonk knit material are also impressive. The cubic decoration of button closures, belt details, and slim silhouette gave elegant charm. She presents a new set-up look with a feminine atmosphere unique to Jigot by matching it with an A-line midi skirt of the same material.

On the other hand, Yoona is active in the MBC drama 'Big Mouse' and the movie 'Cooperation 2: International' this year, going back and forth between the main room and the screen.

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