'Avatar 2', running time 3 hours 10 minutes!
'Avatar 2', running time 3 hours 10 minutes!
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Michelle Lee ] The running time of James Cameron's movie 'Avatar: Water Path' (hereinafter 'Avatar 2'), the most anticipated work in the global film industry, exceeds three hours.



The Hollywood Reporter reported that "Avatar 2's running time will be approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes."

'Avatar 2' is the sequel to 'Avatar', which was released in 2009. Episode 1 collected 13.33 million people in Korea and generated $2.847.37 billion in sales worldwide. The world box office record has not yet been broken.

The sequel, returning after 13 years, is said to focus on the underwater world. The running time was increased by about 30 minutes compared to the previous episode, foretelling more colorful sights.

The story unfolds in the background of the planet Pandora, 10 years after the first episode. Jake Sully (Sam Washington) and Natiri (Zoe Saldana), who have become Na'vi from human, appear as parents of four children.

After the Corona 19, the audience's way of watching movies has moved from theaters to OTT, and attention is being paid to how competitive a 3-hour movie can be.

In the case of 'Avatar 2', due to the running time, the number of episodes that can be screened a day also suffers a loss about 1 or 2 times compared to a 2 hour movie. In addition, as it is a 3D movie, it is expected that the rate of visitors to special theaters will be significantly higher. It seems that the burden on the audience is expected to be considerable due to the increased admission fee in Korea.

'Avatar 2' is the sequel to 'Avatar', which came out after 13 years, and will be released in North America on December 16th.

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