Jung Soo-hyun X Ji-won's 'Disarming Romance' still cut released, today's first episode!!!
Jung Soo-hyun X Ji-won's 'Disarming Romance' still cut released, today's first episode!!!
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Actor Jang Soo-hyun and group Cherry Bullet member Ji-won will stand in front of viewers with ‘Disarmament Romance’.

'Disarmament Romance' is a teen drama depicting the life of a North Korean defector, Yoo-hyeok (Jung Soo-hyun), who transfers to Hyeseong High School, and meets Hana (Cherry Bullet) and her childhood friend Dan (Park Do-ha). It was produced by Wynat Media and supported by the National Unification Education Center.

In the published still cut, Yoo-hyeok (Jung Soo-hyun), carrying a bag and greeting him with a bright smile, was put as if he had just transferred from school. In the picture that follows, Hana (Jiwon) and Dan (Park Doha), who are looking at Yoohyuk with interest, are attracting attention. Unlike Hana, who is interested in Yoo-hyuk, attention is focused on what kind of school life Dan will have with Yoo-hyuk in the future, which creates a contrasting atmosphere while looking at the desk.

Episode 1 of 'Disarmament Romance', which contains the first day of transfer of North Korean defector Yoo Hyuk, will be released on the YouTube 'Jong TV' channel on the 3rd.

Actress Lee Da-hee, winter pictorial released
Actress Lee Da-hee transformed into an alluring winter goddess in the new heavy outer pictorial for the 2022 FW season.

Gritty's athleisure brand Witte has opened a new 2022 FW heavy outer pictorial with actress Lee Da-hee.

In the published pictorial, Dahee Lee has completely transformed into an alluring winter goddess through four different styles of outerwear.

First, ‘Long Length Down’ is a goose down product with an excellent fill power of 80:20, and is suitable as a daily item with excellent warmth and lightness. Maximized volume and detachable real fox fur are applied to the hood to enhance the luxury, and the antifouling fabric can be applied to easily remove living pollution.

‘Bookle Long Coat’ is a long-length fleece coat product with a feminine sensibility by applying a fleece material with a sense of volume and a soft and cozy feel. It is a product that uses aeroheat yarn to further strengthen the warmth, and you can add a string detail to the waist to make it slimmer with the desired fit. In addition, a crop-length outer 'Bookle Jacket' made of the same bookle material will also be introduced.

In addition, the 'Crop Puffer Down' product can be adjusted around the hem with the string detail on the hem of the cropped length.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hee is starring in the currently airing ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Frozen Love', taking on the role of 'Goo Yeoreum', a love reality PD.

'Love to die of freezing' is a 'real survival romance' drama in which 20-year-old best friends 'Summer' and 'Jae-hoon' meet as a romance reality show PD and performers and feel unexpected romantic feelings.


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