Triple S AAA, Spotify selected as 'New Music K-Pop'
Triple S AAA, Spotify selected as 'New Music K-Pop'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Jung] Acid Angel from Asia, the first DIMENSION of tripleS and an idol created by fans, was selected by Spotify.

According to Mode House on the 2nd, Spotify selected Acid Angel from Asia (hereinafter referred to as AAA) in the 'New Music K-POP' category, and provided global fans with the debut album 'ACCESS' and the title song 'through the main screen. Generation' was recommended.

Spotify drew attention by decorating AAA as the main cover with the introduction of "New song delivery! The freshest K-POP releases are here!" In particular, it has a special meaning in that Spotify, the world's largest music streaming company, paid attention to AAA.

AAA previously released their debut album on the 28th of last month and ranked first on the iTunes US K-Pop album chart, proving that they are a newcomer that global music fans are paying attention to. In addition, it draws attention by decorating the main screen of the K-pop related page of Spotify, the world's largest music streaming company.

AAA's debut album 'ACCESS' is a work that contains AAA's message, "I hate sweet tastes because they are too sweet now." They are armed with an 'acid taste' that goes beyond the usual color shown by existing girl groups, heralding the beginning of a new generation.

The title song 'Generation' is a song with this special message of AAA. Singing a girl who loves selfies and TikTok without putting her cell phone wherever she goes. Through the brass section and addictive chorus line, it expresses 'acid taste' rather than sweet or salty taste.

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