Lee Sang-yeop and Kim So-hye confirmed to appear in ‘Pure Boxer’
Lee Sang-yeop and Kim So-hye confirmed to appear in ‘Pure Boxer’
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo] Actors Lee Sang-yeop and Kim So-hye have confirmed their appearance in the new KBS 2TV drama 'Pure Boxer'.


The new KBS2 drama 'Pure Boxer' (played by Kim Min-ju, directed by Choi Sang-yeol, Hong Eun-mi), scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of next year, is a sports growth drama based on the novel 'Pure Boxer Lee Kwon-suk' by Choo Jong-nam, the second winner of the Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest. It is a match-fixing escape game of a cold-blooded agent without blood or tears who makes a match that must be lost to earn the price of my player's life.

Lee Sang-yeop plays 'Kim Tae-young', an S&P sports agent who recruits talented players in 'Pure Boxer' and retires them in a short period of time. Tae-Young Kim is an agent who doesn't blink an eye when it comes to money and Young-Dal of my player, and approaches genius boxer Lee Kwon-Suk, who disappeared three years ago for top pitcher Kim Hee-Won.
Lee Sang-yeop, who gave birth to a life character in each of his dramas 'I've been there', 'Good Casting', 'If I'm not crazy', and 'Eve', is expected to create tension with Kim So-hye.

Kim So-hye takes on the role of 'Lee Kwon-suk', a genius boxer who emerged as a boxing star at the age of 17. Lee Kwon-suk, who was living her new life after a sudden disappearance ahead of the Grand Slam, met her evil agent Kim Tae-young and reached an inflection point in her life. She has been active in dramas 'Whale Dust', 'The Best Chicken', 'Contract Friendship', 'Her Bucket List', and the movie 'To Yoon-hee'.

‘Pure Boxer’ is expected to portray the beautiful growth of young people who are struggling between their given talents and what they really want to do and the lives of people in the sports industry in an interesting and honest way.

KBS 2TV's new drama 'Pure Boxer' will start filming soon and will be broadcasted for the first time in the first half of 2023.

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