Kwon Min-ah from AOA, Support shooting Roy's MV from Z-boys
Kwon Min-ah from AOA, Support shooting Roy's MV from Z-boys
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] AOA former member Kwon Min-ah, Roy of the multinational group Z-boys, will appear in her solo music video.


 Vietnam member Roy of the multinational group Z-boys will make his solo debut.

Roy, who released her first solo album in Vietnam on October 31st, will release a soundtrack in Korea at noon on November 2nd.

Producer Joo Young-seong, who is actively producing music in Korea and Vietnam, took charge of the song ‘1cm’, which will be released this time. Both the soundtrack and the music video worked in Korea to improve the perfection, and the female lead in the music video was played by Kwon Min-ah, a former girl group AOA, and played a passionate lover with Roy.

Lee Sang-beom, CEO of SB Entertainment, a Vietnamese agency, said, "Roy is the best talent I have seen during the Vietnamese entertainment business, and besides, he is a singer who works harder than anyone else, so he will become the best singer in Vietnam in the shortest time."
Meanwhile, Roy's domestic activities will be handled by HR Entertainment, a partner company.


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