NewJeans, 5252 BY OIOI autumn pictorial released
NewJeans, 5252 BY OIOI autumn pictorial released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Girl group NewJeans unveiled their fall fashion.



The unisex casual brand 5252 BY OIOI has released additional pictorials with the girl group NewJeans.

In this pictorial, focusing on 'Jean', which became the motif of New Jeans, he styled the outerwear and knitwear suitable for the changing seasons, and produced a cool vintage mood in the 1980s and 1990s.

NewJeans completed a free-spirited yet hip atmosphere by matching low-rise oversized chin wide denim pants, utility detail cargo denim pants, and gradient washed denim pants with a hooded zip-up, baseball jacket, and knit cardigan.

Minji showed off her preppy mood by styling a square neck sweatshirt with a check fringe skirt, and Hani created a hip style with unique charm with a cropped cardigan top and oversized denim pants.

Daniel matched the unique denim skirt pants with a layered skirt with a zip-up cardigan with color matching, and Haerin perfectly digested the American vintage and street mood with a baseball jacket and oversized cargo denim. Hyein unraveled ‘Jeans’ in a way that stands out for each of her members, such as matching wide denim pants with a velvet hooded zip-up.

Meanwhile, NewJeans has completed a successful debut. According to the latest chart released on the 25th (local time) by the American music media Billboard (local time), the debut song 'Hype Boy' was ranked 56th and 93th on the global chart (excluding the US) and the global 200 chart, respectively. . 'Attention' ranked 125th on 'Global (excluding the US)' and charted for 12 weeks in a row.

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