YOUNITE comeback with 31st mini album 'YOUNI-ON' ..
YOUNITE comeback with 31st mini album 'YOUNI-ON' ..
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] Boy group YOUNITE's third EP 'YOUNI-ON' will be released today.



YOUNITE will release their third mini-album 'YOUNI-ON' at 6 pm on the 31st. Following the debut album 'YOUNI-BIRTH' and the second mini album 'YOUNI-ON', it is an album that concludes the 'YOU & I' trilogy series.

The album contains not only a solid worldview connection, but also a growth narrative in which the boys who asked to choose each other cutely in the debut song '1 of 9' proudly shout 'You'll fall for me' in the title song 'Bad Cupid'. .

The title song 'Bad Cupid' is a hip-hop dance song with a strong beat that sticks in your mind just by hearing it and an addictive chorus that seems to whisper in your ear. YOUNITE prepared new charms and intense performances of the members that were not seen in the last album.

YOUNITE said, "For the first time, I dyed my hair like this, and I wanted to show you a fatal mood well, so I put a lot of effort into various things." We will show you,” he said.

YOUNITE's 3rd EP 'YOUNI-ON', which will release 3 albums within 6 months of their debut and solidify their position as a K-pop rookie in 2022, will be released at 6 pm today.

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