Kim Ji-won, Lovely pictorial released
Kim Ji-won, Lovely pictorial released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Jung ] Actor Kim Ji-won boasted a sensuous visual with a new profile.


On the 28th, Hijieum Studio released an interview with Kim Ji-won's profile picture through the official website. Jiwon Kim is exuding a new charm by going back and forth between a natural mood that contains everyday comfort and a classic yet sensual concept.

In the published photos, Kim Ji-won draws attention with her pure charm. His lovely face and naturally tousled hair complement the relaxed atmosphere, adding to the refreshing energy. Although he shows off his neat charm with a light blue shirt, he shows off his playful face in a black padded dress, making viewers smile. He also creates an aura just with his calm expression and deep eyes staring at the camera.

In the interview published together, you can see Kim Ji-won's daily life. Kim Ji-won is not the type to spend the day planned, but she is mostly awake at dawn. “When I come home after a day’s work, I turn on the lights dimly and play music and read a book. These days, this is the routine.” He also said that he was very interested in getting to know himself, and he said, “I think he is still getting to know me. I used to think that I was a calm person, but these days I thought that I like to joke around and talk more than I thought.”

On the other hand, in the recent drama 'My Liberation Journal', Kim Ji-won showed the true value of an actress who disassembles and believes in her youngest daughter 'Mijeong Yeom', who wants liberation from a life of achromatic colors. With her deep and deep psychological portrayal, she has created another empathetic character by densely conveying the emotions that anyone would have felt at least once.

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