TREASURE releases unit song 'VolKno' MV on November 4th
TREASURE releases unit song 'VolKno' MV on November 4th
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[빵야뉴스| Khaing 기자 ] Group Treasure has confirmed the release date of the unit song music video.



On the 28th, YG Entertainment announced that the music video for the unit song 'VolKno' of Treasure will be released on November 4th.

The poster released on the same day exudes an unusual atmosphere, raising curiosity about the main story. While the vast wilderness left a deep impression, the aura of the three members who stood in the center attracted attention. As they face each other at a certain distance, even tension is felt.

The confident posture of the members is also impressive. Because it made us guess the explosive energy of Choi Hyun-seok, Yoshi, and Haruto, which resembled an erupting volcano. The members are looking forward to a different transformation that will harmonize with the hard rock hip-hop genre.

'VolKno' is the first unit song of the rapper line Hyunsuk Choi, Yoshi and Haruto from TREASURE's 2nd mini album 'THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO'. The strong beat and the dynamically intersecting members' shouting harmonize together and have been praised by music fans as a song that continues the genealogy of 'YG's hip-hop'.

Meanwhile, TREASURE will hold '2022 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] in SEOUL' at KSPO DOME, Olympic Park, Seoul on November 12th and 13th. Then, on November 26, the Japan Arena Tour will open at the Hokkaido Sports Center, Hokkaido Kitaeru. As a K-pop artist visiting Japan for the first time after their debut, it is expected to mobilize the largest audience of 210,000 people.

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