JYP Jin-young Park, with ITZY in LA, 'Groove Back' challenge finale...
JYP Jin-young Park, with ITZY in LA, 'Groove Back' challenge finale...
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  • 승인 2022.10.27 16:37
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Michelle Lee] Jinyoung Park successfully completed the all-time dance festival that made 5 cities around the world a crucible of enthusiasm.

Starting with Namsan Seoul Tower Square in South Korea on the 8th, Park Jin-young held a 'Groove Back' in a total of 5 areas, starting with Seoul Tower Square in South Korea on the 8th, Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 16th (local time), Bangkok, Thailand on the 19th, Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 22nd, and Los Angeles (LA), USA on the 24th. ' JYP ​​World RPD (Random Play Dance) Tour 2022, an extended version of the challenge, unfolded.

In LA, he splendidly decorated the last with K-pop fans. By showing a groove that spurts energy to the addictive melody, the heat of the Windward Plaza in Venice Beach was instantly raised, and the atmosphere of the scene was hotter and more passionate than the intense sun in LA. In particular, Itzy Yeji and Chaeryeong joined the challenge and showed off their fantastic dance moves.

Recently, as part of her new project, Jinyoung Park sequentially opened the 'groove back' intro video and challenge content full of fun to watch on her official social networking service (SNS) channel. Super Junior's Shindong, who participated in the Seoul Challenge, Sunmi 'a disciple', Asiana Airlines co-pilot, flight attendant, and maintenance team showed their unique charm.

Jinyoung Park has awakened dance grooves all over the world in addition to five cities around the world where her new project 'JYP WORLD RPD (Random Play Dance) TOUR 2022' was held. The chewy choreography that he wants to follow stimulates the desire of global fans to participate, and Jinyoung Park is communicating more closely by uploading photos and videos of the challenge participants to his SNS channel and writing comments directly.


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