'Crime City 3' Jun Kunimura & Ma Dong-seok Join!
'Crime City 3' Jun Kunimura & Ma Dong-seok Join!
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Japanese actor Jun Kunimura, well known in Korea for the movie 'Wailing', will appear in 'Crime City 3' and face off against Ma Dong-seok.

According to the film industry on the 27th, Jun Kunimura was the last member of 'Crime City 3' and worked with Korean cast members such as Ma Dong-seok and Lee Jun-hyeok. 'Crime City 3' is the successor of 'Crime City' (2017), which recorded the top 3 blockbuster movies of all time, and 'Crime City 2' (2022), which caused 12.6 million box office syndrome. The monster detective Ma Seok-do, who has moved to the Metropolitan Investigation Unit, draws on a crime-fighting operation with a new team. In addition to the series symbol Ma Dong-seok, Lee Jun-hyeok, Aoki Munetaka, Lee Beom-su, Kim Min-jae, Jeon Seok-ho, and Ko Kyu-pil will appear.

Jun Kunimura makes a special appearance as a Japanese Yakuza boss in 'Crime City 3' and performs intensely. He has already entered Korea and filmed with Ma Dong-seok. Jun Kunimura is said to have decided to appear in 'Crime City 3' due to his interest in the 'Crime City' series and his love for Korean films.

Jun Kunimura left a strong impression on Korean movie fans who appeared in Na Hong-jin's 'Wailing'. After that, he also showed a special affection for Korean films.

Jun Kunimura's appearance in 'Crime City 3' is expected to arouse interest in this series.

Meanwhile, 'Crime City 3', which started filming in July, is scheduled to crank up soon after the last additional filming. After taking a short break, Ma Dong-seok plans to continue acting without rest by filming 'Crime City 4' and the Disney Plus OTT series 'Hive'.

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