Kim Yuna ♥ Go Woo-rim reveals wedding expenses
Kim Yuna ♥ Go Woo-rim reveals wedding expenses
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo ] The wedding costs of Yuna Kim and Woorim Ko will be revealed.



KBS 2TV's 'Year-round Plus', aired on the 27th, reveals the wedding scene of former figure skater Yuna Kim and her group Forrestella Go Woorim.

On KBS 2TV's 'Year-round Plus', which will be broadcast on the 27th, the wedding site of former figure skater Yuna Kim and group Forestella Go Woo-rim, actress Yoon Jin-yi, group SG Wannabe's Kim Jin-ho, and actor Ma Dong-seok♥Jeong-hwa will be announced.

In addition, 'Rival VS', which determines the winner among the 'original goddess' actors Kim Hee-ae and Kim Seong-ryeong, 'Let's Go GO!' to meet actress Yeo-jin Choi at the Zumba performance site, 'Guerrilla Date' with Kim Jong-min of the group Koyote, and 'K' that captured the world -Fun news will be drawn up to 'SNS News', which introduces fashionistas.

On the 22nd, 'All Year Plus' visited the wedding venue of 'figure queen' Kim Yuna, who held the wedding ceremony, and group Forestella's member, Go Woorim. This wedding, which was attended by celebrities from the entertainment and sports world, was held with the blessings of many people, so everything in the wedding drew attention. Through an expert, we will listen in detail to the total cost of the wedding, including the wedding ring and wedding dress price selected by Yuna Kim, as well as the wedding venue and gift in return.

In addition, from Jin-i Yoon, an actor who got married at a hanok hotel with a financial worker, Jin-ho Kim, the second out-of-stock man of the group SG Wannabe, and actors Dong-seok Ma and Jeong-hwa Lee, who announced that they got married last year. Let's take a look at the marriage boom blowing in the entertainment industry.

On this day's broadcast, 'Guerrilla Date' with Kim Jong-min of the group Koyote will also be revealed. Kim Jong-min reveals his position on the recent marriage rumors with Shinji.

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