(G)I-DLE's ‎Yuqi‎, Mnet's 'Mad Zenius' Solo MC Selected
(G)I-DLE's ‎Yuqi‎, Mnet's 'Mad Zenius' Solo MC Selected
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  • 승인 2022.10.27 15:33
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Girl group (G)I-DLE's Yuqi was selected as the sole MC for 'Mad Zenius'.


Mnet's new entertainment program 'Mad Zenius', which will be aired for the first time on November 10, is a program depicting the short-form survival of influencers to become Korea's best MZ (Mad Zenius) icon. Influencers who are currently active in each field directly produce short-form content, and only ‘likes’ determine the winner.

Earlier, while the lineup of 6 influencers for ‘Mad Zenius’ took off the veil, the news of (G)I-DLE’s ‎Yuqi’s selection as the sole MC was announced. Woogi said, "It's my first time as a solo MC for a TV variety, so I'm very excited. Thanks to her bright personality, I was happy to get along well with the cast members.”

‎Yuqi is a member of (G)I-DLE, a group that showcases unique concepts and music for each album. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of performance ‎Yuqi will perform as the MC of ‘Mad Zenius’, who boasts a unique sense of entertainment in every variety show he appears with his unique honest and confident charm.

'Mad Zenius' starts the countdown in earnest by releasing the first teaser video today (27th).

The teaser that will be released on this day will start with the appearance of a chic and dignified figure of ‎Yuqi, followed by six influencers including Stephanie Kim, Leta, Emma, ​​Yongyong, Jinjeolmi, and Jinjin.

‘Mad Zenius’ will premiere on November 10 at 9 PM.

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