'Eunkyo' director Jung Ji-woo comeback with 'Somebody' in November
'Eunkyo' director Jung Ji-woo comeback with 'Somebody' in November
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] The Netflix original series 'Somebody' is attracting attention as the first series presented by director Jung Ji-woo, a master of psychological depiction that penetrates the inner human being.



Each piece delves into the inner psychology of human beings, such as 'Happy End', a chivalrous drama that depicts the harmony of love, obsession, and murder, 'Eun-gyo', the mixed desire of a poet, student, and high school girl, and 'Yoo-yeol's Music Album', which depicts the faint memories of old love. Director Jung Ji-woo, who has caused a sensation, challenges the first series with 'Somebody'. Director Jung Ji-woo's first series 'Somebody' is a suspense thriller that depicts the story of developer Island and her friends getting entangled with a mysterious person, Yoon-oh, as a murder case takes place through the social connecting app 'Somebody'.

Director Jung Ji-woo, who introduced 'Some Body', said, "It is a story that follows the hearts of a serial killer and three women who surround him." He said, "I was able to express the relationships and psychology of the characters more." . Next, the director raised curiosity by unraveling the meaning of the title of 'Somebody' by explaining that it is a society in which there are difficulties and dangers and dangerous people in it, "I can't give up the desire to have 'someone' in me." brought up Although one can easily connect with other people thanks to the development of technology, director Jung Ji-Woo, who has captured the current situation in which the blind spots of safety and morality have increased, explores the psychology of people who desire to have their own 'somebody' even at risk. Following this, the best suspense thriller 'Somebody' was born this fall.

Kang Hae-rim (Kim Som), a genius developer who created the social connecting app 'Somebody', is a person who cannot empathize with ordinary people's emotions. After meeting Kim Young-kwang (Sung Yun-oh), who is looking for a scapegoat through Somebody, Kang Hae-rim falls in love with Kim Young-kwang, who understands him perfectly. After meeting him, he is left alone in the mountains. Another friend, Kim Yong-ji (Im Mok-won) and Kim Soo-yeon, who have an intuition that he is a dangerous person, start to pursue him together, and 'Somebody' begins an unpredictable story.

Director Jung Ji-woo's first series features fresh faces. Director Jung Ji-woo, who has a reputation for having an excellent aesthetics for actors, drew more attention by selecting actors who would like to solve their secret psychology as rookies. He also drew great attention by casting Kim Young-kwang, known for his romantic acting, as a serial killer. The actors “do not miss a single idea, refine them, support them, and give them confidence” (Kim Young-kwang), “He viewed me as Kim Island as I was” (Kang Hae-rim), “I developed the character through numerous conversations, texts, and long communication. made Unconditional support was the biggest strength” (Kim Yong-ji), “I was moved. Sometimes I was surprised because it felt like I was looking into my own thoughts.”

Director Jung Ji-woo's 'Somebody', which challenges the first series with a fresh story seen from a deeper perspective, will be released to the world through Netflix only on November 18th.

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