'Confession' So Ji-sub, Kim Yun-jin, aura pictorial released
'Confession' So Ji-sub, Kim Yun-jin, aura pictorial released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] The two main characters of the movie 'Confession', So Ji-sub and Kim Yun-jin, showed strong charisma.


 Fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar released a pictorial with So Ji-sub and Kim Yun-jin on the 20th. In the thriller movie 'Confession', which is about to be released on the 26th, the two take on the roles of Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-seop), who is a suspect in a murder in a secret room, and Yang Shin-ae (Kim Yun-jin), a lawyer with a 100% win rate who defends him.

In an interview after filming was over, So Ji-sub said about the work of the movie 'Confession', "Since the genre is thriller, when editing or music is included, emotions can become weaker or stronger, so I think I've tried acting with three or four different emotions. ” and “I felt a good stimulus after a long time,” and Kim Yoon-jin said, “When I read the script, a lot of actors say, ‘I wish I could only come out with this feeling’. There are some scenes that came out much better than the script, so it’s a work I want to show you quickly.”

The two actors, whose debut 25 years have passed, unitedly said, "It's good to get older." So Ji-sub said, "I really like the age and leisure that comes with getting older.

Kim Yun-jin expressed her expectations for an actress in her 50s and said, "The reality that there is no diversity and that there are no women's films seems to have been said for 20 years, but I believe that roles and works will become more diverse as I get older."

The pictorial and interview of So Ji-sub and Kim Yun-jin can be found in the November issue of 'Harper's Bazaar'.

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