NCT Doyoung x Kim Minha participates in duet song 'Fallin'...
NCT Doyoung x Kim Minha participates in duet song 'Fallin'...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo ] Group NCT Doyoung and actor Kim Minha deliver a special gift with a surprise collaboration that no one expected.


 On the 20th, Idol School made a surprise announcement that Doyoung and Kim Minha participated as singers for the ‘Fallin’ album.

Fans' attention is focused on the news of the sweet kiss of Doyoung, the group NCT's 'believe', and Minha Kim, who captured the world as the son of the AppleTV+ original series 'Pachinko'. In particular, it adds significance in that it is Kim Min-ha's first attempt at music work and the first collaboration.

'Fallin' is a duet song that will warmly melt the chilly autumn by adding Doyoung's charming and soft vocals and Kim Minha's warm and sweet voice.

Everyone's attention is focused on how Doyoung and Kim Minha, the owners of unique tones, will capture the heartbeat and excitement of the moment when love is about to begin.

Doyoung and Kim Minha's sweet duet song 'Fallin', which will wake up the sleeping love cells, will be released through various music sites at the end of October.


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