Taeyang of BIGBANG blasted fans with surprise replies on Instagram
Taeyang of BIGBANG blasted fans with surprise replies on Instagram
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] Taeyang of BIGBANG surprised fans with unexpected replies on the comments they left on his personal Instagram. On May 7 he posted a photo with a caption “#Nightscape #Scene of night”. The photo was taken by Taeyang himself and was about buildings standing amid darkness.

His blast started when a netizen wrote “I’ve been your fan for 10 years and today is my birthday.” He left a reply, saying “Dope Birthday.” He also answered several fans’ questions asking him what kind of pork cutlet he likes(whether Japanese style or Korean style), what he wore or what he’s going to eat for dinner. He answered that he prefers Korean style pork cutlet, he wore pants and that he uses cell phones instead of cameras.

A particularly amusing part of the conversation was the part where a fan pointed out that he has a habit of starting the conversation with ‘In fact’, he explained the reason, saying “I always start with ‘in fact’ because I only say facts”. His casual conversation with fans via Instagram even trended on Twitter later last night. Follow Taeyang’s Instagram and stay tuned for abrupt conversation on Instagram!


Nightscape #야경

TAEYANG(@__youngbae__)님의 공유 게시물님,

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