Song Hye-kyo, radiating charm to New York
Song Hye-kyo, radiating charm to New York
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Michelle Lee] Actress Song Hye-kyo, who attended New York Fashion Week, was released as a pictorial.



Fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar released a behind-the-scenes cut of Song Hye-kyo's attendance at New York Fashion Week on the 19th.

This is a pictorial showing Song Hye-kyo's elegant daily life captured at 2023 S/S New York Fashion Week. Song Hye-kyo attended a luxury fashion brand collection (dress presentation) held in early September as a brand ambassador. She showed off a sophisticated all-black fashion that matched a black leather coat with stockings and dizzying stiletto heels, and gave a point with a white baguette bag.

On this day, actors Lee Min-ho, actress Lee Min-ho, and stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Christy Turlington from the drama 'Sex and the City' attended the event as a representative of Korea.

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo will appear in Kim Eun-sook's new work, 'The Glory'. In 'The Glory', the protagonist, who dropped out of high school due to brutal school violence, gave up on his dream of becoming an architect, and waited for the instigator to marry and give birth, and for the child to enter school, and then start taking revenge after being appointed as the child's homeroom teacher. It is a sad revenge drama.

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