Five food K-POP idols can't eat because of allergic reaction
Five food K-POP idols can't eat because of allergic reaction
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Did you know that some K-POP idols have unusual food allergies? Here are 5 unique allergies and idols who have them.

Jin of BTS is allergic to garlic, one of the most common ingredients in Korea. He said that his body itches if he eats garlic.


Amber of f(x), Peniel of BTOB, SinB of GFRIEND, and Jihyo of TWICE are all allergic to different fruits. Here are the fruits they can’t eat; Amber(mango), Peniel(watermelon), SinB(grapes), Jihyo(pineapple).

Kang Daniel was once sent to ER after eating a shrimp burger. CIX’s Bae Jinyoung is allergic to shrimp. If he eats them, his tongue begins to swell, sting, and itch. RM of BTS is another idol who’s famous for having seafood allergy. 

NU’EST’s Minhyun is allergic to salt. His allergy is so severe, even his own sweat can give him a reaction. He gets an itchy rash all over the skin.

Eric Nam once revealed that he’s allergic to apple. Krystal of f(x) also has apple allergy, but she eats them anyway. On the other hand, Jae of DAY6 is allergic to ALL fruits EXCEPT apples.

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