TVXQ's Max Changmin became a father after 2 years of marriage
TVXQ's Max Changmin became a father after 2 years of marriage
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing ] Group TVXQ member Max Changmin (35, real name Shim Changmin) became a father.



SM Entertainment announced on the 18th, "Changmin's wife gave birth to a son at a hospital in Seoul on the 17th."
Max Changmin revealed that he was dating a non-celebrity lover in 2019, and got married on September 5, 2020, a year later. The news of her child after two years of marriage is pouring in congratulations from many.

At that time, before marriage, Max Changmin said, "We have had a good relationship by exchanging trust and trust, and naturally, I decided that I want to live with this person in the future. I think the path I am going to take is a path with greater responsibility than the path I have taken so far. I will do my best in every given task and every moment more accurately than I am now.”

Max Changmin debuted as TVXQ in 2004 and has been active as a singer representing in Korea. He has also been involved in his solo career since the release of his solo album 'Chocolate' in 2020. He has done good deeds, such as consistently donating to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. He is active in various entertainment programs.

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