N.Flying comeback… with two different concepts
N.Flying comeback… with two different concepts
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Jung ] On the 17th, FNC Entertainment announced that N.Flying's 8th mini album 'Dearest' will be released at 6 pm today.


N.Flying is expected to capture beautiful scenes of youth in line with the modifier of 'Youth Band'.

The title song of the 8th mini album, 'Explosion', was a surprise release of N.Flying's concert '&CON 2' in August. This song, which starts with the lyrics 'It's ruined', features witty lyrics and melody.

In the music video, N.Flying plans to unravel the feeling of falling in love and feeling 'broken'.

In addition, all N.Flying members participated in writing, composing, and arranging the last song of the album, 'Shooting Star'.

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