Apink Jung Eun-ji makes a solo comeback with her first remake album 'log'
Apink Jung Eun-ji makes a solo comeback with her first remake album 'log'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Jung Eun-ji of girl group Apink is making her solo comeback.



Jung Eun-ji's agency IST Entertainment announced on the 17th that "Jung Eun-ji will release her first remake album 'log' on November 2nd."
'Log' is her new solo album released by Eunji Jung in about 2 years and 3 months after 'Simple' in July 2020.

Eunji Jung's first remake album, 'log', contains the meaning of 'record', reinterpreting her own life, like her travels, with the music of her seniors and 'recording' it again. it's an album While attention is focused on what masterpieces will be reinterpreted with the voice of 'Healing Vocal' Jung Eun-ji, Jung Eun-ji is known to have actively participated in the album work from the song selection process, raising expectations.

Jung Eun-ji was recognized for her outstanding singing ability early on as the main vocalist of Apink, who celebrated her 11th anniversary of her debut, and she is loved for her hit songs such as 'Hope for the Sky' and 'You Are Spring'. . From Apink's 10th anniversary special album, which was completed in February, to the currently airing JTBC entertainment 'Second World' and tvN drama 'Blind', they are active in all areas of group activities, entertainment, and dramas.

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