AOMG to hold ‘AOMIX FEST #2’ on the 23rd…
AOMG to hold ‘AOMIX FEST #2’ on the 23rd…
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Hip-hop label AOMG's music content AOMIX will hold its second offline party.



 AOMG will hold ‘AOMIX FEST #2’ at the Seoul Wave Art Center on the 23rd. 'AOMIX' is AOMG's music content where you can see the music plays of DJs with personality and skills. This 'AOMIX FEST #2' is also filled with a colorful DJ lineup. But, the famous Japanese DJ DJ KOCO a.k.a. SHIMOKITA's visit to Korea was also announced.

At AOMG's first offline party 'AOMIX FEST', held on the 3rd of last month, Spray, DJ Wegun, DJ, 8BallTown, Ellike L-Like), as well as AOMG artist Coogie, performed a surprise stage.

Other brands include KREAM, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, el Jimador Tequila, Heineken, RboW, and GFFG's CLAP PIZZA. Various events and food were also introduced through collaboration with the company.

‘AOMIX FEST #2’ will be held at the Seoul Wave Art Center for about 11 hours from 1:00 pm to midnight on the 23rd, and tickets can be purchased on site on the day of the event.


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