Stray Kids, first love song comeback...
Stray Kids, first love song comeback...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] The group Stray Kids has expressed their ambition to set their own new record without losing their original mind.



Stray Kids will make a splendid comeback after about 7 months after releasing their new mini album 'Maxident' and the title song 'CASE 143' on the 7th.

New album is a compound word of the English words 'Max' and 'Maximum', and 'Accident' and 'Incident', meaning a 'large incident' that happened without notice. The new album includes the title song 'Case One Four Three', 'Cool', 'Give Me Your TMI', 'SUPER BOARD', '3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, Han)' (Three Lacha), ' TASTE (Rino, Hyunjin, Felix)' (Taste), 'I guess I like you (Seungmin, I.N)', and the Japanese 2nd mini album title song 'CIRCUS' (Circus) Korean version, a total of 8 songs will be recorded.

'CASE 143' is Stray Kids' first love song as the title song. The confused feeling of falling in love is compared to an 'event', and witty expressions such as the code '143 (I LOVE YOU)' add to the taste of seeing and hearing. Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of 3 Riracha wrote and composed the lyrics, and Bang Chan participated in the arrangement.

On the other hand, this album, which contains a total of 8 songs, including the title song 'CASE 143', will be released through various music sites at 1 pm on the 7th.

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