This is how a NCTzen gets reply from NCT 127 members
This is how a NCTzen gets reply from NCT 127 members
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] This is how you get a reply from NCT 127; you promise you will eat tteokbokki with your nose! Fans of NCT 127 said that they will eat yeoptteok(super spicy version of tteokbokki) if they get replies from NCT members, and four members actually replied her. Mark, Haechan, Jaehyun and Doyoung of NCT 127 left amusing comments on fans' tweets on May 6.

Fans were amused to read different comments the members wrote that reflect their characters. Mark tried to stop the fan, saying "Oh no, you'll hurt yourself" while Jaehyun too said "That's somewhat..." in a disapproving tone. Meanwhile, Haechan encouraged the fan, saying "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS" and Doyoung "Show me". Doyoung showed great interest in this 'Nose Meme' and asked a fan if doing something with nose is in these days.

A similar incident happened on April 10 when a CARAT(SEVENTTEN's fanbase) promised Junghan that if he leaves a reply, she'll show him how to eat yeptteok with her nose. Not only Junghan but other SEVENTEEN members such as S.coups and Seungkwan replied her and said that they are waiting as well. Looks like the 'Yeoptteok challenge' is here to stay for K-POP artists for a while!


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