g.o.d concert in Seoul
g.o.d concert in Seoul
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[빵야뉴스| Khaing 기자 ] All five members of veteran K-pop idol group g.o.d will meet fans in person in a year-end concert in Seoul.



The concert will be held from Dec. 9 to 11 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena located at Olympic Park in southern Seoul. The arena has a capacity of 15,000.
g.o.d plans to showcase their many hit songs during the concert and look back on memories with fans and make new ones, the announcement said.

The boy band's last concert was back in 2018, in celebration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of its debut.

G.o.d, which debuted in 1999 with the hit single “To Mother,” is considered among the first generation of idol bands here, along with Shinhwa, Sechs Kies, Fin.K.L and S.E.S, which led the thriving K-pop scene in the early 2000s.

The quintet rose to stardom through popular songs such as “Lie,” “One Candle” and “Road.” The group went on an indefinite hiatus in 2006, but fully reunited and came back in 2014 with the single “The Lone Duckling.”

The bandmates have recently been pursuing separate paths in different fields such as singing, acting, broadcasting and entrepreneurship under individual management.

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