EXID Debut 10th Anniversary Album “X” Release
EXID Debut 10th Anniversary Album “X” Release
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Jung] Girl group EXID will release their 10th anniversary album [X] on the afternoon of September 29th.


The album planning started with the hearts of the members who have loved the group for the past 10 years. The album name 'X' contains various meanings, from EXID's 'X' to the Roman letter 'X' for 10, and 'X' for connection and collaboration with fans.

In the production, Sinsa-dong Tiger, who created the group's iconic songs such as 'Up and Down', 'Every Night', and 'AH YEAH', and member LE (ELLY), who plays a pivotal role in EXID's music, participated together.

The title song 'Fire' is a hip-hop song with an afro beat that is currently popular in the world based on the trap genre. The unique energy of EXID stands out with its addictive lead sound and light tempo.

In addition to the title song, the album also includes 'IDK (I DON'T KNOW)', which adds lyrical lyrics to the exciting Nu Disco genre, and the fan song 'LEGGO', which contains a message to the fandom 'LEGGO' who has been with them for the past 10 years.

EXID is a girl group that has been receiving a lot of love since their debut in 2012. The representative song 'Up and Down' released in 2014 not only imprinted the new word 'reverse running' in the Korean pop music scene, but is also considered to be the beginning of the idol 'fancam' craze. Since then, they have solidified their presence in the entertainment industry with their outstanding skills, colorful musicality, and excellent sense of entertainment. As of 2020, all the members started their solo and actor activities, making group activities unclear, but with this album [X], EXID proved that the group activities were not over yet.

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