'Star Wars' prequel series 'Andor' final trailer release
'Star Wars' prequel series 'Andor' final trailer release
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  • 승인 2022.09.21 18:10
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Michelle Lee ] Starring Diego Luna as Cassian Andor and set five years prior to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor starts streaming September 21 with a three-episode premiere, only on Disney+.


An absorbing new teaser was unveiled at the geeky gala that featured plenty of fresh footage of this 12-episode spinoff and its underlying theme of a clash between conflicting ideals. Set five years before the events of "Rogue One," "Andor" stars Diego Luna who reprises his role as Cassian Andor, a resistance freedom fighter who becomes a starship pilot and spy for the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire.

Cassian Andor is a good guy, but he’s not a good guy. Shortly after we meet him in Rogue One, he not only kills a couple of stormtroopers, but he blasts the informant who’d told him about the Death Star, shooting the man in the back to safeguard the knowledge that the Rebel Alliance had learned of the superweapon’s existence. Later, he shoots one of Saw Gerrera’s insurgents—and seals the fate of a few more—to protect Jyn Erso, who must survive for his mission to succeed. These victims aren’t his enemies. They’re more or less on his side, as is Jyn’s father, Galen Erso, whom Cassian spends much of the movie secretly plotting to kill. “He has the face of a friend,” Baze Malbus says of Diego Luna’s character—the spy, saboteur, and assassin—but as Andor admits, he’s “done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion.”

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