From Kang Daniel to Chungha, check out the winners of Brand Consumer Loyalty Awards
From Kang Daniel to Chungha, check out the winners of Brand Consumer Loyalty Awards
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] BCLI (Brand Consumer Loyalty Index) announced 63 winners of 2020 Brand Consumer Loyalty Awards. Brand Keys, a global brand evaluation institution carried out research in partnership with Korean Consumer Forum on 260 people and brands in 63 categories to make a list of candidates. A total of 300,786 people casted vote to choose the winners of one of the biggest brand awards in Korea.

AB6IX, Kang Daniel, SEVENTEEN won Rising Star Male Idol, Male Soloist and Male Idol respectively while Red Velvet, IU, LOONA and Chungha won Female Idol, Female Vocal, Rising Star Female Idol and Female Soloist. Park Seojun who starred in 'Itaewon Class' won Male Actor Trend Icon and Kim Sohyun won Female Actress Trend Icon.

Yoon Bomi of APINK and Dotty were chosen as winners of Celebrity YouTuber and YouTube Creator.

You can check out the full winners list below.


◆ Indie/Folk Artist: 10CM

◆ Rising Star – Male Idol: AB6IX

◆ Singer-Songwriter: AKMU

◆ Boy Group: V.O.S

◆ Male Soloist: Kang Daniel

◆ Name Actor – Drama: Kang Ha Neul

◆ CF Model – Male: Gong Yoo

◆ Rock Band: Guckkasten

◆ Multi-Tainer – Male: Kim Myungsoo (Infinite L)

◆ Male Actor – Scene-Stealer: Kim Byung Chul

◆ Announcer-Tainer – Male: Kim Sung Joo

◆ Female Actress – Trend Icon: Kim So Hyun

◆ Korea’s Entertainer – Kim Soo Mi

◆ Program – Human/Current Events: Kim Young Chul’s Around The Neighborhood

◆ Entertainer: Kim Jong Min

◆ Actor-tainer: Kim Ha Young

◆ Male Variety-idol: Super Junior’s Heechul

◆ Program – Observation Variety: MBC’s I Live Alone

◆ Korea’s Actress: Na Moon Hee

◆ OST Artist: Davichi

◆ YouTube Creator – Kids: Dotty

◆ Female Actress – Movie: Ra Mi Ran

◆ Female Idol: Red Velvet

◆ Male Actor – Trend Icon: Park Seo Joon

◆ Radio DJ: Park So Hyun

◆ MC: Park Seul Gi

◆ Male Vocal: Park Hyo Shin

◆ Artist Producer: Bang Si Hyuk

◆ Foreign Entertainer: Sam Hammington

◆ Female Actress – Drama: Seo Hyun Jin

◆ Male Idol: SEVENTEEN

◆ Style Musician: Celeb Five

◆ Trot Singer – Female: Song Gain

◆ Male Actor – Movie: Song Kang Ho

◆ Entertainer – Female: Song Eun Yi

◆ Program – Music Variety: JTBC’s Sugarman

◆ Program – Family Variety: KBS’s Superman Returns

◆ Program – Real Variety: tvN’s 3 Meals A Day

◆ Program – Talk Variety: JTBC’s Knowing Bros

◆ Female Vocal: IU

◆ Hot Icon: Yang Joon Il

◆ Female Actress – Scene Stealer: Yeom Hye Ran

◆ Trot Singer – Male: Young Tak

◆ Entertainer – Female: Oh Jeong Yeon

◆ Variety Star – Male: Yoo Jae Suk

◆ Musician-Entertainer: Yoo Hee Yeol

◆ Celebrity YouTuber: Apink’s Yoon Bomi

◆ CF Model – Female: Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

◆ Rising Star – Female Idol: LOONA

◆ Expert Entertainer: Risabae

◆ Korea’s Actor – Male: Lee Soon Jae

◆ Gagman: Lee Jin Ho

◆ Multi-Tainer – Female: Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

◆ Gagwoman: Jang Do Yeon

◆ Best Couple: Jang Yoon Jung & Do Kyung Wan

◆ Program – Music: KBS’s National Singing Contest

◆ Emotional Balladeer: Jung Seung Hwan

◆ Female Entertainer: Red Velvet’s Joy

◆ Female Soloist: Chungha

◆ Program – Gag: Comedy Big League

◆ Character: Pengsoo

◆ Sport-tainer: Heo Jae

◆ R&B/Soul Artist: Heize

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