DIA To Officially End Group Activities
DIA To Officially End Group Activities
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Girl group DIA will disband on the 17th after 7 years of activities.


Girl Group DIA will officially conclude their activities together as a group on September 17.

In a statement shared by DIA’s agency PocketDol Studio, they have announced that DIA’s activities will conclude on September 17 with the release of their album.

DIA debuted in September 2015 with "Do It Amazing" and left songs such as "For some reason," "Do You Want to Date Me," and "Woo Woo." Members Jung Chae-yeon and Ki Hee-yeon appeared on Mnet's "Produce 101" and drew attention.

 DIA showed off their affection for fans by releasing group photos and handwritten letters on the official SNS and fan cafes to celebrate their 7th anniversary.

The members expressed their sincere heart, saying, "Thanks to our AID (fandom name) who has been by our side for 7 years."

Meanwhile, DIA released their last album 'Rooting For You' on the 14th.

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