TWICE's first YouTube docuseries will be premiered on April 29
TWICE's first YouTube docuseries will be premiered on April 29
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] TWICE announced launch of their first YouTube original documentary series 'TWICE: Seize the Light' depicting their six-year journey as a group. It documents the group’s history, from the process of the group’s formation to behind-the-stage scene footages of the recent tour ‘TWICELIGHTS’.

The 8-part YouTube docuseries is also a rare opportunity where fans can get a more intimate look into the members of the most popular K-POP act for the first time in six years; it captures moments from TWICE's pre-debut days until now, reflecting back on the difficult process of debuting as an idol, working hard to shine on stage, and more. It's expected to be the first reality program where the fans can understand the girls' lives and thoughts in depth.

Part of the docuseries covers somewhat darker issues as the members open up about the struggle they went through sometimes, especially as trainees. They also reveal the pressure they feel to stay as an international success. However, Dahyun of TWICE said that she would be glad if the fans believe that they can achieve their dreams by watching the docuseries. 
The docuseries will be aired every Wednesday starting April 29 at 11 p.m KST on TWICE’s official YouTube channel. 

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