Dreamcatcher, comeback in October...
Dreamcatcher, comeback in October...
  • Khaing 기자
  • 승인 2022.09.01 13:35
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[빵야뉴스| Khaing 기자 ] Group Dreamcatcher will make their comeback in October.


According to the agency Dreamcatcher Company on the 1st, Dreamcatcher will release the 7th mini album next month. This is the first time since the 2nd full-length album 'Apocalypse: Save us', which was released in April.

This will mark Dream Catcher's first comeback in approximately 6 months, since the release of their 2nd full album 'Apocalypse : Save Us' in April. The group is expected to return with the second installment of their 'Apocalypse' series. 


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