KIM JAE JOONG, Concept photo released...
KIM JAE JOONG, Concept photo released...
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  • 승인 2022.08.30 14:45
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Norah Yang] Singer KIM JAE JOONG added a comeback fever with a concept photo.


 C-JeS Entertainment released four concept photos for Jaejoong Kim's third full album 'BORN GENE', drawing the attention of fans with his colorful charms.

In the first released concept photo, Jaejoong Kim drew a lot of attention from fans by presenting a bouncy atmosphere with a headband, glasses, and a layered necklace with points and a playful expression. In the second concept photo, the opposite image of Kim Jaejoong was revealed, and the expressionless appearance of Kim Jaejoong drew a chic atmosphere and provided a reversal.

Next, Jaejoong Kim showed a strong charisma by adding a chic image with a concept photo of a white knitwear, while he gently closed his eyes next to a chandelier to complete a dreamy atmosphere, showing limitless concept digestibility.

The interest in the album is growing as the four concept photos of KIM JAE JOONG, who will be making a comeback with his third full-length album 'BORN GENE', were released on September 13th. Kim Jaejoong, who has received great love from listeners by trying various music on each album, is paying keen attention to this album.

Meanwhile,KIM JAE JOONG 's third full-length album 'BORN GENE' will be released online and offline on September 13th.

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