ATEEZ release OST 'Let's Get Together' for Web Drama 'Mimicus'
ATEEZ release OST 'Let's Get Together' for Web Drama 'Mimicus'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] The hyper-realism, K-teen 'Mimicus' produced by the famous playlist of teen dramas will present the OST 'Let's Get Together' sung by ATEEZ, a group boasting global power.


ATEEZ will be releasing OST Part. 2 for the ongoing Playlist web drama series, 'MIMICUS'.

ATEEZ's OST "Let's Get Together" is an electronic pop genre with lyrics depicting an individual trapped beneath an endless darkness, symbolized by the deep sea. However, with the help of friends, the singer finds the light, and with it, hope. 

The second OST is expected to serve as a companion to OST Part.1 "I Need The Light" sung by ENHYPEN.

Viewers can catch a snippet of ATEEZ's "Let's Get Together" in the drama cast's making film set for release on August 11. The OST will also be featured in episode 9 airing on August 19, ahead of its release via music streaming platforms on September 9 at 6 PM KST.

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