BLACKPINK “Pink Venom” Member Posters Open!
BLACKPINK “Pink Venom” Member Posters Open!
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  • 승인 2022.08.11 15:14
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo ] The title poster showing the visual concept of the group BLACKPINK's comeback song 'Pink Venom' was first released on the YG official blog on the 11th.


K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK released the title posters for their new song, “Pink Venom”, and gave a hint as to the visual concept for the album. The four posters reveal each of the members individual charm in their pink outfits.

In the photos, members Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé all wear pink ensembles and gaze expectantly into the camera, which has a portion of its glass broken and shattered into shards that spread out across their faces. The words “Pink Venom” decorate the posters, which includes the single’s official release date — Aug. 19 at 12 a.m. ET.

“Pink Venom” will be the second single that BLACKPINK has released this year. In July, the pop stars dropped “Ready for Love,” which was released as a promotional single with PUGB Mobile for their in-game concert, The Virtual.

K-pop group BLACKPINK's new single 'Pink Venom' is set to release on August 19.

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