Kim Si-eun and Bae Doo-na 'The Next So-hee' wins two awards at the FANTASIA 2022
Kim Si-eun and Bae Doo-na 'The Next So-hee' wins two awards at the FANTASIA 2022
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  • 승인 2022.08.10 17:28
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Michelle Lee] The movie 'NEXT SOHEE' (director July Jung) won the Audience Award (Silver Award) in the Asian film category following the Best Director award at the Canadian Fantasia International Film Festival, the best genre film festival in North America.

NEXT SOHEE  is a film of two halves. In the first, we watch the wheels of capitalism grind the titular player down. When we meet the titular Sohee (Kim Si-eun), a high school student contracted to work at a call centre, she is a fiercely independent would-be dancer. Yet the conditions are punishing, with even her manager succumbing to the pressures of the job.

When a new manager targets Sohee for the poor performance of the branch, Sohee is pushed the point of breaking — and labelled unhinged when she does finally snap. When tragedy occurs, a detective is sent to investigate the situation, finding an environment where guilt, public shaming and exploitative contracts are all managed under the guise of legal mechanisms.

From this point onwards, NEXT SOHEE becomes something else entirely, shifting from drama to a film more akin to a police procedural. As Bae Donna’s cop uncovers more information on the broader system, she is pinged from office to office looking for answers. You might be forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered into Law & Order: Labour Practices Unit.

Next Sohee closed out the Fantasia International Film Festival.

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