SuperM's first-ever online livestream concert is coming
SuperM's first-ever online livestream concert is coming
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] SM Entertainment announced the casts for ‘Beyond LIVE’ today. A series of artists under SM Entertainment will be performing including SuperM(May 26), WayV(June 3), NCT DREAM(June 10) and NCT 127(June 17). Beyond LIVE is a concert optimized for online streaming which is livestreamed through NAVER V LIVE. Unlike other concerts where the cameras merely assist the offline show, each performance or VCR is arranged for online streaming. Fans communicate with artists through real-time replies and digital fan sticks.

SuperM’s first-ever online livestream concert ‘SuperM - Beyond the Future’ will be aired real time from 3 p.m. KST May 26 via NAVER V LIVE. Digital tickets are available at NAVER V LIVE PLUS, while a set of a digital ticket and a merchandise is available at YES 24.

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