Shin Dong Yup X Hong Suk ChunX HaNi host the first queer dating reality show in Korea
Shin Dong Yup X Hong Suk ChunX HaNi host the first queer dating reality show in Korea
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim ] Shin Dong Yup , Hong Suk Chun and HaNi will be hosting the first queer dating reality show in Korea.



According to the media reports on June 27th KST, Shin Dong Yup and Hong Suk Chun are the MCs of the upcoming Wavve original series 'Mary Queer'. 'Mary Queer' is Korea's first real coming-out romance that contains the challenges of diverse couples toward confident love and marriage.

As the 3MCs who will lead ‘Mary Queer’, ‘National MC’ Shin Dong-yeop, ‘coming-out pioneer’ Hong Seok-cheon, and ‘all-round multitainer’ and ‘sympathetic fairy’ Hani have been decided. Shin Dong-yup is considered one of the best MCs in Korea. In particular, he has been raging in various entertainment programs dealing with various aspects of love, such as dating, marriage, and divorce, with his warm words and warm eyes that capture everything from fun, empathy, and comfort.


Hong Seok-cheon confessed his sexual identity in 2000 and was the first 'Coming Out Celebrity' to come out in the domestic entertainment industry. Hong Seok-cheon, who bravely crossed the line set by the world, has been active in various fields ranging from acting, entertainment, and singing, breaking the public's prejudices and prejudices.


Hani is also famous as a 'multiplayer' who showed talents in various fields as an idol, actor, and MC, and a 'sympathetic fairy' who is good at communicating with fans as well as the public. In particular, Hani is a familiar star among Wave users as she has been active in Wave's original 'SF8-White Crow' and 'You Raise Me Up'.


Wave's side said, "National MC Shin Dong-yup, 'Coming Out No. 1 Celebrity' Hong Seok-cheon, and entertainment cheat and empathy fairy Hani are the best MCs for 'Mary Queer', and we will support the romance and courageous challenge of diverse couples." "Please look forward to the chemistry of these couples who will support you as you watch the challenges of marriage, which are sometimes sweet and sometimes difficult," he said.


On the other hand, Wave, in addition to 'Mary Queer', is also attracting a lot of attention by confirming the launch in July of 'Love of Others', the first male dating reality show in Korea, in which honest and bold men move into 'Somebody's House' and confirm each other's sincerity. .

'Mary Queer' will premiere this July. 

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