This is how Korean movie theater runs business : 'Smart Cinema' is on the way
This is how Korean movie theater runs business : 'Smart Cinema' is on the way
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As the term 'social distancing' becomes a new norm because of the coronavirus pandemic, movie theaters all over the world are facing financial crisis due to decreasing number of movie-goers who are reluctant to sit in an enclosed, crowded space. And here, a Korean movie theater company is trying a new set of automatic systems to minimize human encounter, which may be the counteraction of the pandemic spread.

CJ CGV announced launch of 'Untact Cinema' in Yeouido. Untact Cinema is a cinema theater where various technology is used to offer customers traditional services(catering, ticketing etc) without physically encountering them.

The first change is in the kiosk named 'Pick-up Box'. It's a new type of kiosk where you don't have to line up to get your popcorns. To order, choose menu of choice in the mobile application Fast Order. When the order number floats on the LED screen of the Pick-up Box, scan the QR code on the scanner of the machine to get the food you ordered. By ordering before they arrive, customers can save their time.

Self-serve vending machine called 'Pop Corn Factory Self Bar' is another automated food catering service. Snacks such as pop corns and hot dogs taste just as they are in the kiosk. As for the soda drinks, the customer gets a cup upon ordering with which he can refill the drink as many times as he wants.

To check in, use 'Smart Check' system. Unlike usual cinema where the usher checks the location of theater, title of the movie, running time and seat number, the customers check in by scanning the ticket in the check-in machine. Customers who aren't familiar with the machine can get help from 'Check-bot', an autonomous robot. Check-bot uses voice queries with speech recognition engine and offers information about movie schedule, theater location and ticket check-in.

The kiosk validates parking ticket, so the customers with cars don't have to visit ticket office.

CJ CGV said that they will be increasing the number of Untact Cinema as the new system is expected to contribute to the customers' convenience as well as the theaters' effectiveness.




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